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In the more than three decades we've worked with manufacturers and distributors, we have learned some truths that have changed the way we deal with clients and the way our clients deal with their markets. Three of the more important things that we’ve learned are: 

  • Process maps are, at best, misleading; at worst, lies. 
  • Most employees not only don’t know how to do their jobs, they don’t really know what their jobs are. 
  • Lip service only works in romantic situations. 

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A holistic view of business improvement. Defining the objectives. Drilling down to the appropriate level for action. Dealing with the tangled web of inputs that impact every business situation. Understanding your customer, and — in many cases — your customer’s customer. Realigning employees to your company’s objectives. Creating communications that capture mind-share, then market-share. These are just a few of the things that we do. If you’ve made the decision to improve your business, and if you’re willing to deal with the changes that improvement requires, call us. We’d like to discuss with you how we can help.