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Over the years, Chuck Holmes has written dozens of articles for industry publications on sales, sales management, training, customer service, and market research. A few of them are listed below. Just click on the title to go to a PDF of the article.


Defining Value

Quantitative Value Added

Sales Management:

Customer-centric Position Descriptions

To Live to Sell Another Day

New Directions in Inside Sales

A Simple Model for Problem Solving

Unwinding the Confusion of Inside Sales

Three-D Sales

Customer Service:

It Happens

The Closest Thing to a Quick Fix


Five Simple Rules 

All Training is Not Basic Training

Making Sales Training Work


The Danger of the Satisfied Customer

The Vagaries of Averages

Corporate Strategies provides consulting for a full range of sales, sales management, training, customer service, and profitability issues. We've worked with manufacturers and distributors on:

  • Redesigning their selling systems.
  • Creating more effective sales management systems.
  • Improving customer service.
  • Market planning and positioning
  • Designing comprehensive company-wide training programs.

In the years we have been consulting with companies, we've learned some important lessons. You can read a few of them by clicking here.

Success is a matter of doing the next thing right. Then doing the right thing next