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Over the years, Chuck Holmes has written dozens of articles for industry publications on sales, sales management, training, customer service, and market research. A few of them are listed below. Just click on the title to go to a PDF of the article.


Defining Value

Quantitative Value Added

Sales Management:

Customer-centric Position Descriptions

To Live to Sell Another Day

New Directions in Inside Sales

A Simple Model for Problem Solving

Unwinding the Confusion of Inside Sales

Three-D Sales

Customer Service:

It Happens

The Closest Thing to a Quick Fix


Five Simple Rules 

All Training is Not Basic Training

Making Sales Training Work


The Danger of the Satisfied Customer

The Vagaries of Averages

It doesn't have to be that complicated. Especially if the parts— all of your customer-facing resources — are heading the same direction. That's what we do: help you work from the customer back to align your position descriptions, your compensation, your marketing, your advertising, your measurements and your reporting so that each part of your system supports the other. Everything works better when it's working together. In our forty years in business, we've worked with Fortune 500 companies, with start-ups, and with companies and associations at every point in between. Perhaps we can help you get more from your marketing and cut through the confusion. Let's talk about it.


IAPD Rolls Out Excellence in Sales II 

The International Association of Plastics Distributors has introduced its new intermediate-level sales course: Excellence in Sales II. The scenario-based course builds on the skills and concepts from the basic sales course (Excellence in Sales) and calls on the learners to use what they've learned in the basic course plus their experience to provide solutions to seven real-world problems. The course was developed by the IAPD Education Committee and Corporate Strategies president, Chuck Holmes.

Tracing Training Value to the Bottom Line 

Corporate Strategies has introduced a methodology for measuring the value of training in dollars and cents. Called ROI Training, the methodology provides a way to link training, learned behaviors, and profits. Click here for more information on ROI Training.